Getting rid of groundhogs

Month: April 2009

Getting rid of groundhogs Groundhogs like to burrow, and they have a penchant for eating the nice greens in your yard and garden.  However, you can keep them away from your garden without killing them.

Groundhog Day aside, groundhogs are actually interesting creatures (I hear that they make a great stew, but I have yet to put that to the test).  That being said, they can be nuisances in the garden, but there are non-lethal ways to control them.  [ online order url viagra | what better viagra or cialis

Man vs Ant, and you must win! Ants can quickly infiltrate your home, but there are ways to control their numbers:  follow these preventive steps to keep ants from invading your house.

It is that time of year where ants start their long, methodical march through your house.  However, it is about time that you use that large cranium and DO something about it.  [ who should not take viagra | generic viagra pay pal | professional cialis online | viagra 100 mg | viagra viagra nude

Getting rid of moles with gum Juicy Fruit and other types of gum can be used to remove moles from your yard or garden.

You’ve heard about it, thought about it, and now you are ready to try it.  But, does giving moles a stick of gum actually get rid of them? [ female viagra alternative | viagra england | internet viagra pharmacy | is viagra legal | cheap inurl viagra viagra | get viagra fast | cialis 30

For moles, there is always the Rodenator

Sure, it might not be available at your local hardware store. And, it is definitely used for live training. But, if you simply have to get rid of damaging moles, the Rodenator might be the tool for you. [ viagra buy now | how does viagra work | viagra competition | canadian pharmacy viagra legal

Keep bugs away with garlic

Garlic doesn’t just keep those pesky undead away…You can use it to get rid of  insect pests in the garden, yard, and even on house plants. [ cialis usa | cialis at real low prices | viagra history | how does viagra work | when did viagra come out | cialis soft pills | discount

How to thin your mosquito population

When spring is in the air, other annoying pests also take to the air: mosquitos.  Here are some preventive measures that you can take to help keep your local mosquito population in check. [ generic ogden viagra | how to make your own viagra | uk alternative viagra | bio viagra herbal | herbal viagra

So what exactly is a mole? Moles can be considered pests, especially in gardens and lawns.

Have you ever seen a mole before?  Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!  That being said, here is a description of moles and their habits. [ viagra dosage | viagra facts uk | viagra problems | buying viagra in canada | cheap viagra online | viagra effects on the penis | best

Are Groundhogs gumming up your garden? A good groundhog trap, useful for trapping groundhogs, woodchucks, and other pests.

Besides burrowing large dens in your yard, groundhogs/woodchucks (members of the squirrel family) are also notorious for consuming tasty greens from your garden and flower beds. Sure, you could use commercial poisons and deadly traps…But is it really worth that much trouble? [ viagra original pfizer order | low price cialis | sildenafil plant |

Make your own Mole deterrent

There are lots of chemicals out there that you can use to keep moles from your home.  However, you can keep moles away from your yard or garden with a home made mole deterrent. [ us cialis | 50 mg cialis dose | women’s viagra | how to buy viagra | generic viagra |