So you have a mole cricket invasion


So you have a mole cricket invasion Curbing your mole cricket invasion - Image courtesy of gb_packards

Sure, they look like a cricket on steroids. Yes, they have apparently wicked claws. But, other than appearance, they are not harmful to you. However, your yard is an entirely different matter. Join us as we discuss the best ways to rid your lawn of mole crickets.

Dealing with winter pests Winterize your home against unwanted pests.

With the onset of winter, we tend to spend more time in our cozy, warm homes. Unfortunately, unwanted critters also tend to flock to this source of warmth…From mice and squirrels to other, larger pests.

Raccoons can spell DANGER for household pets. Raccoons are cute critters, but they can pose a danger to your household pets.  Image courtest of Rev. Xanatos Santanicos Bombasticos.

If you have cats and/or small dogs, you know that they enjoy the outdoors; exploring is in their nature. That being said, many household pets are at a disadvantage in the outdoors, especially when it comes to other, wild animals.

Chasing away Raccoons Raccoons on the run!  - Photo courtesy of docentjoyce

Raccoons are always thought of as cute, inquisitive creatures, with a penchant for mischief and fun. Although this can be true, they can also be a rather troublesome nuisance in your home and garden (and they can be mean to boot!).