Chasing away Raccoons

Raccoons are always thought of as cute, inquisitive creatures, with a penchant for mischief and fun. Although this can be true, they can also be a rather troublesome nuisance in your home and garden (and they can be mean to boot!).

Raccoons on the run!  - Photo courtesy of docentjoyce
Raccoons on the run! – Photo courtesy of docentjoyce [creative commons]
Here are some pointers to help keep the raccoons from taking up residence in your yard:

  • Keep trash cleaned up, and do not put trash bags out the night before your trash pickup. As raccoons do a lot of foraging at night, that gives them plenty of time to rip open your trash bags and eat their fill…Thus scattering your garbage for miles. If you must put trash out early, make sure that you place it in a sturdy, covered container.
  • If you have fruit trees in your yard, make sure that you pick up any rotting fruit from the ground. The fragrant fruit is a strong lure for raccoons. The same can be said for pet food and bird feeders; make sure that you keep it picked up, or the raccoons will be paying you a visit.
  • Putting up a fence will help to keep them from foraging in your yard or garden. A few sstrands of electric fence: one about 6 inches up from the ground, and the other about a foot up, will keep them from stopping.
  • It is a known fact that raccoons do not like the sound of human voices. If you can leave a radio outside and near your garden, and you dial it on talk radio, there is a good chance that the raccoons will be too wary to stop. Change stations up a bit to ensure that you have different voices. This method is cheap, easy to implement, and will keep the raccoons out…Not to mention that it will give you something to listen to when you tend to your garden!
  • Trapping raccoons is another way to get rid of the critters. Pick up a large trap (from your hardware/pest control store, or borrow one from your local conservation department) and bait it with canned tuna or cat food. Check the trap often; if you catch one, make sure to take it at least 5 miles away. Remember: they bite (and can be very mean when cornered), so be sure to wear gloves and long sleeves when you handle the trap.
  • A good-sized raccoon trap can be used to effectively trap and relocate the critter.
    A good-sized raccoon trap can be used to effectively trap and relocate the critter.

Good luck with your raccoon control. They truly are unique, interesting creatures. Just make sure to enjoy them from the convenience of your neighbor’s yard!

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