Crush those cockroaches, naturally!

There is nothing quite as repulsive as a roach scuttling across the floor. Unfortunately, one roach usually leads to many, so it is a problem that needs to be dealt with decisively, before the roaches run you out of your own home.

A natural remedy to remove cockroaches, image courtesy of Neil T.

Cockroaches are a hardy breed that prefer warm environments, such as the interior of homes, sheds and offices. They are nocturnal by trade, so chances are that you won’t see them much during daylight hours. They leave chemical trails within their excrement, in addition to releasing airborne pheromones that attract other roaches. These ‘trails’ are then used by other roaches to find food and hiding places. Combined, this can lead to a bit of a bacteria problem on surfaces, in addition to a cockroach ‘hotline’ that other roaches can use to keep in touch.

Cockroaches on average have a lifespan of roughly one year, and they multiply via eggs, which typically take a few months to hatch. Due to these cycles and frequency in egg laying, one female cockroach can produce over 300 offspring!

What does this mean? With an abundant food supply, a small number of invasive roaches can quickly turn into an epidemic, and one that you might not even notice in daylight hours. To avoid this, you need to hit them hard and fast.

Exterminators are one solution, but their chemicals can be hard on children and pets, as well as the wallet. Why not try a natural remedy? Purchase some borax and sugar, mixing it together in roughly equal parts. Take this paste and apply it to low-lying areas, such as base boards and under stoves (where lots of scrap food items tend to accumulate. Don’t believe me? Pull your stove away from the wall, and be prepared for the worse). The roaches will be attracted to the sugar, but will consume the borax in the process…Which is a poison to their biological systems. You will soon have dead roaches to scoop up.

Easy to make, gets results…And gets rid of the roaches!

There are also other natural-based solutions available. One that I recommend is Roach Bully, which kills and prevents the nasties and is still safe to have around kids and pets. The odor is also tolerable and does not smell like many of the available pesticides; it can almost be considered refreshing, which can be a welcome change in an otherwise-infested home. It can be considered a bit on the pricey side, but having something with minimal side effects can be worth the extra money alone.

There you have it: a couple of solutions that can rid your dwelling of cockroaches, while at the same time minimizing any side effects to you and your loved ones. Know thy enemy, and combat him on his level…And then enjoy a roach-free home.

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