Dealing with winter pests

With the onset of winter, we tend to spend more time in our cozy, warm homes. Unfortunately, unwanted critters also tend to flock to this source of warmth…From mice and squirrels to other, larger pests. Still, you can take some preventive measures to minimize the sharing of your home with unwanted guests (in-laws excluded, of course).

Winterize your home against unwanted pests.
Image courtesy of chapmankj75.

  • Install a screen over your chimney and even dryer vent. This will keep certain pests from wandering into your abode.
  • Keep firewood away from your home. If you must store it, aim for a dry location at least 25 feet from your home. That way, critters won’t try to take up shop in the comfort of your front yard.
  • As food sources dwindle, rodents and other pests will try their luck and reaching some of your food stores. To combat this, keep food items, as well as other scented goods, stored in sealed bins or containers.
  • Don’t stockpile garbage! Keep your garbage in lidded bins, and don’t miss your trash or burn day.
  • Double-check your gutters and spouts to ensure that pooled water is not collecting close to your home. If so, realign or replace leaking or non-functional gutters.

These tips should help to keep you critter-free in the winter time, ensuring that unwelcome house guests are not enjoying the comforts of your home.

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