How to get rid of moles in your yard

There is nothing quite as aggravating as the ominous sign of moles in your yard.  The little, furry creatures can be annoying, destructive, and dangerous (ever stepped on a rock-hard mole mound in the dead of winter?).  There are many methods advertised in regards to getting rid of these pests:

Putting water down the holes (usually with a garden hose) might work once, but it is usually a hit-or-miss solution. This approach might work if you can find a straight tunnel section. I have had success with this particular method only once out of countless times. After about 10 minutes of giving the mole a cool drink, he popped his head up through his tunnel and was quickly dispatched.
A measure of success can be obtained by adding poison to a fresh burrow. Take a stick, poke a small hole in the tunnel, then add a small amount of poison and/or deterrent. Make sure to close the hole back up. Wait a few days, then try stomping down some of the tunnel. If the mole does not repair it, there is a good chance that you fed him his last meal. However, poison is not the best option, as 1) the mole probably dies horribly and 2)it is never a good idea spreading poison throughout a yard.
Your best bet is to get a mole trap from a feed and seed store. You then follow the instructions to the letter and get the little critter. Traps can cost around $10. The traps are lethal, so they are not for the squeamish. However, you can trap the mole by inserting a small mason jar in the bottom of the mole’s tunnel (make sure to cover up the hole in the top). Check back in a day or so, and you might have a live mole in the jar (be sure to place a stick, flag, or other marker where you inserted the jar). You can now release the mole in another location (in an area away from your home, a pesky neighbor’s yard, and so forth).
Food Source
Moles eat soft-bodied grubs, worms, and insects . If you have crane flies in your yard, the moles really like their larvae. This can especially be a problem in the northwest of the country. Get rid of the source of food. There are poisons available that will kill off the grubs in your yard. However, you are using poison, so be careful.

Another big thing is that it is very important to get rid of the mole before winter. During winter is when they mate and produce babies.

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