How to build a mole trap

Are you plagued by moles, but do not want to spend money on a lethal trap? Find out how you can build your own trap and rid your yard of your unwanted guests.

  1. Find an active mole tunnel in your yard. To find out if a tunnel is active, step on a small portion of it. If the tunnel has been repaired by the next day, then you have found an active tunnel.
  2. Let’s build the trap. Take an empty jar (large size works best). If you don’t have a jar, you can cut a 2 liter soda bottle in half (8 to 10 inches from the bottom works best). Fill the jar or bottle with about 7 inches of water. We need some bait: a stick of gum (for example, Juicy Fruit) will work. Thread the gum through a piece of string and then secure the string to the sides of the bottle or jar (you can tape the string to the sides, or punch 2 holes in the bottle, fish the string through, and then tape or knot to the sides).
  3. Put on some garden gloves and dig a hole in the middle of the active tunnel. The hole needs to be big enough so that you can bury the jar or bottle. The top of the jar/bottle should be lined up with the hole. Be careful; we don’t want to disturb too much of the hole!
  4. Before placing the bottle in the hole, scrub the sides with dirt. This will help to remove your scent. Once the bottle has been secured, put dirt back on the top of the hole. You will need to pack it in in order to keep it from falling in the bottle. Mix a bit of water with the dirt to make some mud; this will pack much better.
  5. If everything goes as planned, the mole will go for the gum and then fall in the trap and drown. If you are squeamish about killing the mole, you can refrain from putting water in the container. If the container is deep enough, the mole will not be able to crawl out. Check the trap every couple of days. If you have a live one, you can release him in another location.

A couple of these inexpensive traps should reduce the number of tunnels in your yard. Feel free to experiment with the design. Another variation: rather than cutting a bottle in half, you can also try cutting 2 holes in each side. Line up the holes with the mole tunnel, and the mole might fall for your trap. With this variation, the top of the bottle will stick out of the tunnel, giving you a nice, visual marker as to where your trap is. Experiment with your traps, and please share any secrets that work for you!

3 thoughts on “How to build a mole trap

  1. great idea, found a coffee can, dug the hole, hit the sprinkler line, just finished the repair, was a nice mole tunnel to. do you think they know to make tunnels on top of water lines?
    anyway i ordered a trap from ebay, think ill wait , thanks anyway.

  2. Use garden hose on new feeding tunnels. Take you foot stomp one end down put the hose running in the other end. place yourself in the middel so you can watch for moement. with fish spear in hand wait. I have 11 kills in the past yr. Now just think people drive by early morning or late eve. Here I stand fish spear in one hand beer in other , have had several stop and tell me that I need to be closer to the water too get fish, Just moved in so I am the crazy new person on the block. but I do get the moles.. (( maybe I should tell them what I am doing)))

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