Man vs Ant, and you must win!

It is that time of year where ants start their long, methodical march through your house.  However, it is about time that you use that large cranium and DO something about it. 

Ants can quickly infiltrate your home, but there are ways to control their numbers:  follow these preventive steps to keep ants from invading your house.
How to keep ants out of your home: follow these preventive steps to keep ants from invading your house.

That being said, there are some preventive measure that you can take to keep the ants away.

  • Clean up all food debris, crumbs, and open beverages.  Leaving open food and food debris out only serves to attract the ants to a potential food source.  And, as we know, they come in numbers.
  • Don’t leave trash lying around the house.  If your trash can is filling up, take out the garbage bag, tie it off, and stick it in your garage or outside.  Large amounts of smelly trash tend to attract ants (as well as roaches, mice, vagrants, etc).  
  • Make sure that your dishes are clean before you put them back in the cupboard.  Dishes with food residue will quickly be noticed by those stealthy, 6-legged intruders that we loathe so much.
  • Before throwing cans and jars in your recycling bag/box, get the a quick rinse in the sink.  Removing the food particles will cut down on the ant’s food supply in your house.
  • Got a cat or dog?  If so, then you probably leave food laying around.  Guess what?  Ants will home

Ok, you cut off the food supply in your house. Now, let’s make sure that they can’t even get IN the house.

  • Keep your doors and windows sealed.  Holes in your screen?  Patch em and keep the ants where they belong: outside!
  • Keep those gutter clean; otherwise, you will be opening up an ant bordello.
  • Why build an ant highway?  Keep trees and bushes trimmed up and away from your home. 
  • If you keep firewood laying around, it is time to burn it…Or move it away from your house.  Ants aside, termites like to lounge in firewood.  Trust me, you don’t want these critters gnawing on your home.  Do yourself a favor and move the firewood away.

Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to an ant-free zone in your home.

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