Household pets vs. moles

Saying goodbye to pests in your home and yard

Household pets vs. moles Dogs like to dig up moles in the yard, as well as other pests.  Pets can be good for pest removal.

Do you have a dog or cat that loves going in the yard? If so, you just might have an automated mole removal machine!

How to build a mole trap

Are you plagued by moles, but do not want to spend money on a lethal trap? Find out how you can build your own trap and rid your yard of your unwanted guests.

Saying goodbye to Japanese Beetles Japanese beetles can quickly do damage to plants in your garden.

Gardening can be a fun and relaxing enjoyment.  However, it is definitely NOT enjoying when Japanese beetles decide to munch away on your garden harvest.  Let’s talk about ways to get rid of these annoying little pests.

Checking for termites Termites can quickly destroy wood structures within your home and garden.

If left unchecked, termites can quickly destroy structural framing and other wood-based support.   You should learn the signs of infestation, inspect every year or two, and consult a professional when you have any questions.

How to get rid of moles in your yard

There is nothing quite as aggravating as the ominous sign of moles in your yard.  The little, furry creatures can be annoying, destructive, and dangerous (ever stepped on a rock-hard mole mound in the dead of winter?).  There are many methods advertised in regards to getting rid of these pests: