Raccoons can spell DANGER for household pets.

If you have cats and/or small dogs, you know that they enjoy the outdoors; exploring is in their nature. That being said, many household pets are at a disadvantage in the outdoors, especially when it comes to other, wild animals. In San Diego, one family found this out in with the unfortunate loss of a beloved cat.
View the video on CBS Channel 8, San Diego

Raccoons are cute critters, but they can pose a danger to your household pets.  Image courtest of Rev. Xanatos Santanicos Bombasticos.
To prevent similar problems with your pets, try adhering to the following pet principles:

  • Much like children, be careful when leaving your household pets unattended in the outdoors. Keep tabs on their location, and only let them outside if you are in the immediate area, or the pets will be in a secure area (fenced-in back yard, confined run area, and so forth).
  • Make sure to clean up any garbage and food-based trash in the immediate vicinity of your yard. Trash can attract wild animals, such as raccoons, possums, and even wild or unleashed dogs.
  • Make sure your pets have all of the required shots and immunizations, and that the vaccinations are up to date. This can go a long ways towards the prevention of disease spreading, such as rabies.

Please share any methods that have assisted you in keeping your pets safe in the outdoors, as well as ways to keep wild critters from infringing on your pet’s enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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